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Jared Kushner Just Did The Ingenius That Blew Everyone Away


Jared Kushner Just Did The Ingenius That Blew Everyone Away

We’ve all heard by now that Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and his senior advisor, is one of the people who is being investigated regarding alleged collusion with Russia.

And, as intelligent people do when they are under investigation for criminal conduct, they hire the best counsel they can.  Let me tell you, when a client has come to me for advise in a criminal matter, I do not jump to the conclusion that they are guilty.


But just watch these CNN commentators, below:

They just seem elated, don’t they?  Just blown away!  Yes, they say “this is a rational action,” but follow it with “if you wanna keep out of prison.”  They certainly imply his guilt, don’t you think?

Hiring the best counsel is a smart move, ESPECIALLY if you’re INNOCENT!  Believe it or not, innocent people are accused of crimes.  Too often.  I’ve had clients that were innocent of the crimes of which they were charged.  And let me tell you, the pressure on an attorney who is representing the innocent is IMMENSE!

And I must add, Jared Kushner has not been charged with any crime!

And he has just hired top criminal defense attorney, Abbe Lowell to advise him.  Fact is, the reason he went to Abbe Lowell was on the advise of his previously retained counsel, regarding a potential conflict of interest.  Not because, as those CNN commentators imply, he is oh so guilty!

If you support Jared, and his entire extended family that includes Donald and Ivanka Trump, please get this article SHARED out far and wide!  They will be so thankful!

Source: Liberty Writers

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