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Bernie Sanders Insists FBI Investigation into his wife started by Obama is Trump Attack

Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s self-avowed socialist Senator, is desperately trying to spin the FBI investigation into his wife’s likely financial crimes as a political attack launched against him by President Donald Trump. But the truth is, the investigation was started over a year ago when Obama was still in office.

Last week news broke that Senator Sanders and his wife, Jane, are under investigation for fraudulently filing for a $10 million loan for the now bankrupt Burlington College Jane headed as president.

The FBI says that in 2010 Jane Sanders misrepresented the money her college was set to make from donations when she went to a bank to get a loan to buy land for her college. The bank gave her a loan on the money she claimed to have rolling in from donors, but as it turned out the college ended up getting less than half the amount she said it would get.

The donations fell off so badly that only a few years after being awarded that $10 million loan, the college Jane Sanders was leading went bankrupt and shut its doors.

The FBI isn’t only investigating Jane Sanders, either.

Another aspect of the investigation is the allegation that Sen. Sanders personally went to the bank to use his status as a federal senator to pressure the bank to give his wife the loan — which it did.

Naturally both Jane and Bernie have now lawyered up in order to stymie the investigation into the potential fraud as best they can.

But now Bernie is also trying to muddy the waters in the media by trying to fool people into thinking the FBI investigation is a Trump attack on the good senator.

As Daily Caller reports, Sanders appeared on CNN:

CNN host Erin Burnett asked Sanders whether or not he knew his wife was being investigated by the FBI, but did not acknowledge that he was also part of the probe.

Sanders angrily responded that the allegations against his wife must be politically motivated because the complaint was started by Brady Toensing, a chairman for the Trump campaign in Vermont. He did not indicate that he was aware of a federal investigation into himself or his wife.

“My wife is about the most honest person I know,” Sanders said, scoffing and cutting off Burnett’s initial question. “All I will tell you now, Erin, is that it is a sad state of affairs in America, you not only have politicians being destroyed publicly…when you go after people’s wives that is pathetic.”

Then he refused to say any more.

But the truth is, this investigation started just over a year ago when Barack Obama was the president and when liberals fully controlled both the FBI and the Department of Justice.

This is shameless lying by Sanders.

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