CNN Commentator Sally Kohn Spreads Violent Rhetoric About Paul Ryan

What is it about the left that they just can’t stop with the violent rhetoric?

Just two weeks ago, after the GOP baseball shooting, CNN commentator Sally Kohn spoke out against preaching hate.


Of course the tweet seemed to imply it was rare that violence would be coming from the left.

And certainly as has been shown by events both before but most assuredly after the inauguration, the left has been a non-stop font of violence and violent rhetoric.

But at least she was trying to encourage people not to hate, right?

Except, today, not so much.


Because the GOP baseball shooter wasn’t at all incited by language like this?

His social media suggests indeed that he was.

When you paint GOP as killing people or that everyone is going to die as a result of the bill, there are crazy people who may feel justified in killing in ‘self-defense’ because of the lies being pushed.



She’ll just say that the GOP inspired it with their bill.



Source: Young Conservatives

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