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CNN In Full CRISIS MODE As Lead White House Correspondent Suffers EPIC MELTDOWN No One Expected

It is all going down hill for CNN this week. In the wake of a fake news disaster on Friday three top producers were forced to resign. Then Project Veritas added insult to injury by releasing undercover video of yet another veteran producer revealing the their “russia coverage” is “bullshit” and merely a ratings grab.

Now Jim Stinson for Lifezette reports, that despite these epic failures by the network their White House correspondent, Jim Acosta had a full blown meltdown during a press briefing with Sean Spicer.

Stinson reported, “Acosta badgered and interrupted Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, several times on Monday about the lack of on-camera access at the daily briefings. Briefings became regularly televised in the mid-1990s. Spicer did not take a question from Acosta.”

After Acosta attacked Spicer, for not getting to ask his favorite fake news gotcha question on camera the White House made sure CNN got the treatment they deserved.

Stinson wrote of the encounter, “Late Monday afternoon, at a White House event in the Rose Garden honoring Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi, CNN’s seat (usually in the front row) was moved to the back. After asking White House staffers about the insult of sitting in the back, Acosta was moved to the front row. ‘Silly games,’ Acosta muttered before his live shot.


Source: Liberty Writers

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