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This 3-Minute Video Will Finally Destroy CNN… WATCH BEFORE DELETED

The truth strikes again. Yesterday we watched O’Keefe drop a bombshell about CNN that showed dubbed “American Pravda.” This video now shows CNN’s most prominent commentators admitting that the Russia story is a “Nothing Burger.” Watch the video below.

This is just sick. CNN has been pushing its false Russian narrative in order to get ratings. They have been pushing fake news to make money with no regard to the destruction that they are causing.

CNN is like WWE wrestling for liberals. They know it is fake now, but they just like to imagine them winning against Donald Trump.

Share this with everyone you know if you want CNN to quit lying to the American people. The FCC needs to look into this. There has to be a regulation that prevents propaganda in the US that has at this point caused federal investigators to waste taxpayer money.

Don’t let CNN hold back America. Turn them off.


Source: Liberty Writers

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