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VICTORY: Donald Trump Just Got NATO To Do One Thing Every Other President Has FAILED On

While the mainstream media has been obsessing about “Fake News” outlets like CNN, NY Times, and Washington Post, President Trump just managed to pull off a win in NATO that Obama could only dream of.

Every NATO member, other than the United States, will be forced to increase their pay 4.3% per year!

Talk about the Trump Bump. This is a massive victory for the United States and the whole world. We finally won’t be screwed by our “allies” anymore.

Today, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced that,

“In 2017, we foresee an even greater annual real increase of 4.3 per cent. We are really shifting gears, the trend is up and we intend to keep it up.”

Sure, 4.3% may not seem like a ton at first, but think about it like this. In the next year, that’s a whole extra $12 billion. Not only that, it actually sets a REAL standard to force the others to catch up on their bills.

This all came as a result of Trump’s historic NATO meeting this year where he said the US is sick and tired of paying 66% of the defense budget that we NEVER use.

It turns out that the NATO chief is a big fan of Trump’s policies, and now it is showing. That’s a huge win.

Does NATO serve a purpose? Sure. It protects Europe from another invasion. However, we saved them from the last one and are now expected to pay forever? That’s crap.

Are you tired of all this winning yet?


Source: Liberty Writers


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