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Clinton Administration in 1993 Said On-Camera Press Briefings Aren’t Necessary

The liberal media has been in complete meltdown mode over the past few weeks because the White House has changed tactics a bit and isn’t hosting as many on-camera briefings as they used to.

If you were to believe the media, this is an affront to democracy, proof that we live in a dictatorship and an assault on the First Amendment. However, this actually isn’t the first time a White House has ended on-camera briefings, TheBlaze reported.

In 1993, the Clinton administration opted to end on-camera briefings for a while because the briefings weren’t “really necessary,” to the administration getting its message out to the people.

Having daily televised briefings “was something that we did in the first week or two — I can’t remember exactly when we stopped it,” then-White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers explained in a March 1993 interview with C-SPAN. “It was a new administration. I think we wanted to talk about what was going on here.”

The Trump White House still holds news briefings, some of them on-camera, so it is not like they are withholding information from the media and the American people.

However, the on-camera news briefings essentially turned into a circus, with media outlets always looking to find a “gotcha” question that would stump press secretary Sean Spicer and put the Trump administration on the defensive.

In the C-SPAN interview, Myers could have been talking about the same situation decades earlier.

“The briefing is more an opportunity to exchange ideas and to have a conversation about what’s happening,” Myers stated. “That wasn’t really happening as productively as we had hoped.”

The difference, though, is the media reaction. Washington correspondents might not have been happy, but there was no mass hysteria about the end of democracy when the Clinton White House ended the on-camera briefings like there is now. Bill Clinton was the candidate the liberal media wanted in the White House then. Trump, obviously, is not.

You can watch the full clip here. Take note of the other moves the Clinton White House made to control the media that would have reporters howling about Trump today:

CNN in particular has been crying out over the lack of on-camera press briefings. The network even sent in a sketch artist to one of the press briefings in some attempt to get a little more publicity for itself.

As long as the media gets the information from the Trump White House, it shouldn’t matter if it is on-camera or off-camera. Average Americans don’t care about on-camera versus off-camera. That’s something only the liberal media elite actually are going to fuss over.

In fact, if the media weren’t so obsessed with bringing Trump down, I doubt they would even care about the number of on-camera briefings.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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