Obamas Board Private Jet, 5 Days Later Look What He’s Doing

Last Friday, Barack Obama and his family traveled to Bali for a luxury Indonesian vacation. Yesterday, the left their lavish Four Seasons resort to board a private jet and head to the next leg of their trip in Yogyakarta, where they will spend the next two days. While the family is relaxing in a luxury hotel and touring ancient temples, the rest of America is struggling to put food on the table.

Even Democrats have started to express their frustration at the frequency of Obama’s international vacations. Since leaving in January, Obama has traveled to Marlon Brando’s private island, Bali, a Palm Springs estate, Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, a country club in Oahu, a famous resort in Tuscany, and David Geffen’s private yacht.

“These are some of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world,” Kendra Thornton, a travel expert, and owner of a travel agency told reporters. “Many of our clients spend tens of thousands of dollars or more to stay at these resorts, which cater to the most discriminating and demanding guests. For example, Necker Island has a nightly price tag of $80,000. Anyone who stays at these properties does so because they want the best of the best.”

“Obama is not as wealthy or as conservative as Trump, George W. Bush, or George H.W. Bush, but he enjoys what used to be called ‘the lifestyle of the rich and famous,’” added Dr. David Michael Smith of the Houston Socialist Movement. “I am not surprised by Obama’s several recent foreign vacations. As president, he disappointed millions of supporters who hoped he would be a strong advocate for working-class people.”

Even HBO host John Oliver went after Obama this week, saying, “I’m a little sick of seeing photos of President Obama on vacation with Richard Branson. Just tone it down with the kite-surfing pictures. I’m glad he’s having a nice time—America is on fire.”

What do you think of Obama’s trips?

Source: American News

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