Stephen Colbert Chickens Finally Come Home To Roost, It’s All Over

Stephen Colbert, the host of the ‘Late Show,’ has been very vocal in his opposition to President Donald Trump. Now, it’s being reported that Colbert lost his spot at the top of the late night ratings to Jimmy Fallon—who has made a point not to attack the president.

A month ago Colbert came under fire for launching a disgusting attack on Trump.
“The only thing your mouth is good at is being Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster,” he said, leading to 5,700 FCC complaints.

Two weeks ago, Colbert crossed the line once again when he performed a skit with ‘Melania Trump’ who suggested that she fantasized about having a sexual relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It’s clear that viewers are tired of these attacks on Trump—to the point they’re actively changing the channel. Last week, the “Tonight Show” won the ratings for the week, averaging 2.66 million viewers, compared to “The Late Show’s” 2.62 million. This is the second week Colbert is lagging behind.

What do you think? Is it time to take Colbert off the air?


Source: American News

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