Breaking: Massive Trump Promise Goes Into Effect at 8 p.m… Democrats Fit to Be Tied

According to Time, those arguments to the Supreme Court in October may ultimately prove moot and unnecessary, as both the 90-day suspension on travel and 120-ban on refugees will have run their course by then, with the administration presumably devising and implementing their “extreme vetting” procedures in the meantime.

Time also reported that less chaos is expected at airports as the order is implemented this time around. The first rollout in January resulted in much confusion, but airlines and various government agencies involved are now better prepared to manage the process.

As for who will and won’t be effected by the travel suspension aimed at the six failing or terror-prone nations, the Supreme Court left open an exemption allowing entry for certain individuals with “close” family or business ties to the U.S., according to CBS News.

As per the State Department, “close family” would constitute a parent, spouse, child or sibling, but would not include grandparents or grandchildren, aunts or uncles, nieces, nephews or cousins, siblings-in-law, fiancees or other assorted extended family members.

The “bona fide” business ties that would exempt an individual from the travel suspension would include those with “previously established” or “significant business” contacts in the U.S. and would also include “journalists, students, workers or lecturers” who had valid invitations or employment contracts from businesses or schools, as well as certain individuals traveling on behalf of a recognized international organization or the U.S. government.

However, the exemption specifically doesn’t apply to those who may seek to establish such ties simply for the purpose of avoiding the travel suspension.

This is very much a win for President Trump and is by-and-large a fulfillment of a major campaign promise, in that it is a big step toward making the country safe again by temporarily pausing immigration from certain hot spots while stricter rules governing immigration are developed and put in place.

This is also a loss for Democrats and the liberal media who have opposed this measure with all their might from the get-go, as they apparently would rather see potential terrorists and decidedly un-American individuals be admitted into the country than see Trump succeed.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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