Trump Admin Sends 20 Additional Federal Agents To Chicago To Help Combat Gun Violence

It’s going to take a lot to help the city of Chicago stop the out of control violence we have seen this year.

Over 300 people have already been killed this year and there were 762 homicides last year which was the highest in 19 years.

You’d think that President Obama would have been shouting from rooftops about the problem every single day since he considers Chicago his hometown.

Nah, he didn’t do much and the mayor of Chicago, Obama’s buddy Rahm Emmanuel, hasn’t done much to help things either.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised to at least try and do something about it.

Looks like he just kept that promise.

From Weasel Zippers via Fox 32:

In January, President Donald Trump tweeted that he’d “send in the Feds!” to Chicago, citing the city’s miserable statistics on shootings.

Well, his administration has done just that.

On Thursday, authorities confirmed that about 20 additional agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been sent to Chicago to combat gun violence here, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

The ATF agents are working with about 20 counterparts from the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police on a strike force whose mission is to solve shootings and hunt down gun traffickers through ballistic technology.

Hey, at least it’s something.

The mere acknowledgment of the problem and the willingness to do something about it is the real story here.

It is important that the city loosens some of their strict gun laws, focuses on breaking up gangs, and maybe puts some Republicans in charge who can jump-start the economy.

It’ll be a long road but every little bit helps.

Source: Young Conservatives

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