BLESS OUR TROOPS: What This Medal Of Honor Hero Just Said About Trump Will Have Him Grinning Ear To Ear

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer praised President Trump’s accomplishments so far, and also hit back at the media that is constantly attacking him. During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Meyer said:

“I think that President Trump could come out and cure cancer, and the media would turn around and beat him up over that.”

Then he continued:

“They would rather see him fail than help him succeed and try to better our country.”

Yep, sounds about right!

Meyer then went on to discuss President Trump’s underreported Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. The Act will reform the VA, after years of abuse, fraud and waste led to thousands of veterans being denied care and dying on secret wait lists.

“it’s something that needed to happen for a long time. The VA’s been out there running with no accountability…They have to get something like this passed, and it’s incredible.”

He added:

“There are a lot of people inside that organization that are part of the bureaucracy, and they’re more worried about their job and how to keep their job instead of taking care of veterans.

Meyer also talked about how veteran and military morale has gone up since President Trump appointed real military leaders, like Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis, to his cabinet, saying:

“I think that’s one of the smart things he’s done to help our military and give us a boost in confidence.”

This is high praise for the President from a Medal of Honor recipient. President Trump has had a great record with veterans so far, and it’s only been six months!

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Source: Liberty Writers

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