When UN And EU Leaders Praised Iran, Nikki Haley Said Something That Made EVERYONE’S Jaw Drop

Everyone’s favoring UN ambassador is at it again with two big wins this week. Nikki Haley called out members of the UN Security Council when they praised Iran for conforming to Obama’s nuclear deal. In 2015 the UN made an agreement with Iran to live up to its promises to the U.S.

The UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said at the meeting on Thursday that:

“Today’s meeting of the Security Council on the implementation of resolution 2231 is taking place against a backdrop of steady implementation, cooperation and progress.”

The head of the EU delegation, Joao Vale De Almeida, followed up with, saying the deal:

“is being properly implemented and is delivering on its objectives.”

Uhm- what? Well luckily someone wasn’t in fantasyland during this meeting and could bring everyone back to the real world.

Nikki Haley brought up how Iran has “repeatedly and deliberately violated” multiple sanctions against the nuclear deal.

Haley cited Iran’s ballistic missile launches, illicit procurement of missile technology, and “proven arms smuggling.” She then continued with:

“Iran’s destructive and destabilizing role in the Middle East goes far beyond its illicit missile launches.”

“From Syria to Yemen and Iraq to Lebanon, Iran’s support for terrorist groups continued unabated. Iran’s weapons, military advisers and arms smugglers stoke regional conflicts and make them harder to solve.”

Then she brought the real smack-down:

“The continuance of the Iranian regime’s destructive, destabilizing behavior will prevent it from ever having a normal relationship with the United States and the rest of the world.

“And the regime’s continued oppression of its own people speaks volumes about its true nature.”

Boom! Glad someone at the UN is awake! Nikki Haley has been doing an awesome job keeping the UN globalists grounded in reality. She is not afraid to tell the truth! Share 1 million times if you support Nikki Haley’s work at the UN!

Source: Liberty Writers

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