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Chelsea Clinton Embarrasses Herself Trying to Slam Donald Trump Once Again

There really is no doubt that President Donald Trump is an expert at trolling leftwingers and once again he’s goaded hapless Chelsea Clinton into trying to take him on with a Tweet. The result is painful.

On July 2, Chelsea jumped to twitter to try and make fun of the president with a tweet. But, once again, all she did was show she has no sense of humor.


I guess Chelsea thinks that posting a joke about fake news is exactly the same as voting to become an independent nation, but, whatever.

But, Chelsea is working to set herself up to run for office at some point, so she is desperately trying to sound like she has a salient point of view.

Her little observation fell flat for many, unsurprisingly, Twitchy reports.


Ha, that one hits close to home.

Then there were the tweets that questioned Chelsea’s sanity.


Of course, some wanted to gently remind Chelsea that she is the last person who should try to ding others for not acting presidential.



And lots continued to express their pleasure that Trump sits in the White House instead of you know who…


Yeah, Chelsea would do herself a load of good to adjust close her Twitter account.

Source: Young Conservatives

4 Replies to “Chelsea Clinton Embarrasses Herself Trying to Slam Donald Trump Once Again

  1. Chelsie, you need to just shut up! Your so-called mother is nothing but a loser, murderer, liar, and we can go on and on. Your so called father is nothing but a pervert, liar, pedifile, and we could go on! You will Never get into the Whitehouse or even 20 miles from it. We learned our lesson. Besides you all are going to prison for treason and illegally taking and giving our money to the enemy and everything your parents and you are involved in. Pack your bags, lady and say your good byes….you should know better than to take on Our President Trump! He will chew you up and spit you out ….in many pieces!

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