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Moments Ago, President Trump Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime In Poland

President Donald Trump opens his two-nation European visit with what he expects to be a short, but warm and friendly stop in Poland, before he encounters possible foreign issues at the international G20 summit in Germany. (SEE VIDEO’S BELOW)

President Trump descended onto a red carpet with First Lady Melania Trump, followed by senior advisers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, along with others. They were greeted by U.S. Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones and his wife, as well as Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski and Minister of State Krzysktof Szczerski, before loading into the motorcade. (SEE VIDEO’S BELOW)

Mrs. Trump wore a green jacket and received a bouquet of flowers from the greeting party. Revelers lined the streets to take photos as Trump’s motorcade cruised by. (SEE VIDEO’S BELOW)


President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Warsaw late Wednesday for a 16-hour visit that includes a keynote address to the Poles from Krasinski Square; the site of a monument commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis. Hundreds of people lined up to greet President Trump and First Lady Melania, cheering and waving American and Polish flags, as they were escorted to their hotel.  (SEE VIDEOS BELOW)

**Polish crowds are cheering as President Trump Arrives in Warsaw. This is so beautiful. Not only do Americans love our President, but so does Poland! (SEE VIDEOS BELOW)


**Hundreds gathered to greet President Trump as his motorcade drives through Warsaw, in Poland. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)


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