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PROMISE KEPT: Trump Just Struck A Deal With Poland That Will Have Everyone Cheering

When it comes to winning, Donald Trump really is the best. Despite the media’s constant attempts to declare him “unpresidential” and say he doesn’t keep his promises, Trump struck a massive deal with Poland last night.

In fact, he and the Polish President are now working to make American Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) the number one gas in the region. Currently, Russia dominates that market, giving Putin a fair amount of control in the region.

Of course, this is great news for the United States as well. Becoming a major supplier again will give us a big boost in much-needed jobs.

Remember when President Trump promised to be the greatest jobs president the world has ever seen? Well, there you have it.

In a second act of retaking American dominance in the world, Trump also agreed to sell Poland an American-made missile defense system, just in case anyone gets feisty. Russia will not be too happy.

However, when asked by a reporter if Russia was behind election interference, Trump simply responded: “Russia among others”.

Are you glad to see America retaking our place in the world AND making money at the same time? Oh, and let’s not forget the jobs jobs jobs. Anyways, share this and let the world see.

Source: Usa Trust News

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