Alabama Roofing Company Offers Free AR-15s

A Navy veteran in Alabama who runs a roofing company came up with just about the most ‘Merica! advertising promotion ever, and while most people who have seen it laugh or get ready to call for an appointment, outraged liberals are expressing their liberal outrage. reported on a promotional campaign being run by a business known as Digital Roofing Innovations in Decatur, Alabama, which essentially offered a “free” AR-15 semi-automatic rifle upon the completion of a new roof installation.

More accurately, purchasers of a new roof will also receive a $500 voucher or gift card for a nearby gun store that can be used to purchase a rifle, shotgun, handgun, ammunition or other accessories after the buyer passes the standard criminal background check and complying with all other applicable firearms-related laws.

“Donald Trump says make America great again. I say make America gun again. MAGA!” declared the rather patriotic and shirtless rifle-toting businessman Zach Blenkinsopp. “Some of you might be sitting there saying, ‘Man, this sounds like a gimmick.’ A gimmick you say? Well I’m a gosh darn Navy veteran, active duty eight and a half years. My roofing company’s not a gimmick and this baby’s not either. It’s here to protect you and your family.”

“Any red-blooded, right-wing American, when they see that, it’s going to give them a little extra incentive,” Blenkinsopp told about his beer-and-whiskey chugging, cigar-smoking, explosively “fireworky” and patriotic promotional ad.

Of course, liberal haters will hate, and the U.K. Daily Mail reported on some of the criticism received by Blenkinsopp over his giveaway of a *gasp* “assault rifle” with a newly purchased roof.

“So we get a free, unregistered AR from a half-naked drunk dude if we buy a roof? No Thanks!” wrongly assumed one critic, while another suggested a boycott of the business, because, “Help kill people for the price of a new roof, disgusting,” or something. Blah, blah, blah, guns! Oh no!

In truth, Blenkinsopp is simply the latest business owner to try the long-standing and successful American promotional tactic of throwing in a firearm to help sweeten a deal, something that has routinely occurred in the past with banks, car dealerships, jewelry stores and all other sorts of other companies that wish to add an extra incentive to their normal offerings to attract potential customers.

The ad is clever and humorous and will no doubt stick in people’s minds, which is pretty much the point of any advertisement. It is also as American as America gets.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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