Melania Trump’s Popularity Soars In New Poll

“Mrs. Trump is the first lady America needs.”

The more Americans see first lady Melania Trump, the more they like her.

A new Fox News poll shows that 51 percent of voters view Melania Trump favorably, up 14 points since December.

When Fox first asked about her last summer, 24 percent did not know enough to rate her, and only 35 percent viewed her favorably.

However, her recent public efforts have brought her extensive praise in the media.

“The defining characteristic of Melania Trump’s opening months as first lady has been her humility. In that sense, Mrs. Trump is the first lady America needs,” wrote Rachel DiCarlo Currie on

“We need a first lady who will, in a subtle, understated way, promote greater social cohesion at a moment when America is bitterly polarized and our elites seem increasingly disconnected from the lives of ordinary people. We need someone who will lead by example rather than by command. Someone whose priorities and concerns are relatable to Americans — especially mothers — of all backgrounds. Someone who will eschew the temptations of Washington and focus on quiet displays of kindness, generosity and sacrifice,” Currie wrote.

The Fox News poll found that voters in all demographic groups have increased in their approval of the first lady, who moved to the White House in mid-June after 11-year-old son Barron Trump finished his school year in New York.

Melania Trump also drew rave reviews for representing America abroad on the president’s first foreign trip. A Saudi publication praised her sensitivity to Arab culture in her choice of fashions as “classy and conservative.”

The poll did display a partisan divide, with 82 percent of Republicans looking favorably upon the first lady while only 26 percent of Democrats did so. Among independents, 43 percent viewed her favorably.

Melania Trump’s ratings keep her just slightly higher than the president, who enjoyed a 47 percent approval rating in the Fox News poll, up from 44 percent in March and in a tie with his previous high rating in December.

A CNN poll in March had shown her with a 52 percent approval rating, which was higher than the president’s at that time as well.

President Trump at the time noted that “her poll numbers went through the roof last week” and joked, “She has to give us the secret.”

Trump has often praised his wife’s popularity.

“(She is) our magnificent and wonderful person, our first lady, Melania,” he has said. “The countries of the world have a large number of disagreements, but they all agree with me on that one — that I can tell you. So everywhere we go, it’s the same old story. So, great job.”

The poll, taken from June 25 to June 27, has a margin of error of three percentage points.

Source: Western Journalism

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