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OVERKILL: Trump Just Gave China An Ultimatum That Will Leave Kim Jong Un Shaking In His Boots

Donald Trump made it very clear for the last year that he wanted to partner with China to stop Kim Jong Un from becoming a nuclear power. Since then, however, China has done nothing and North Korea has developed nukes that can hit Alaska.

It’s been the US policy for decades now to let North Korea do anything they want because China said so. NOT UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP. Trump laid down the law at the G20 when he gave President Xi Jinping this ultimatum:

Trump told the Chinese President that North Korea will be dealt with “one way or another”.

Yep. That means the United States is done waiting around for China, who are long time friends with North Korea. Now is the time for action.

Of course, our president did not stop there. He went on to address the horrible trade crimes China commits against the United States. They illegally adjust their currency to be cheaper than ours and block US imports. Shame on them.

Donald Trump is putting his foot down for our country, something Americans have not seen a President do in decades. Are you proud? If so share this out and comment “God Bless America”.

Source: Liberty Writers

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