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Kellyanne Conway Just Took Down Chris Cuomo On Live TV

Kellyanne Conway doesn’t take crap from anybody. It’s an amazing thing to watch. She recently took on Chris Cuomo in in an interview that went totally uninterrupted by commercial breaks for more than half an hour. Watch her rip Chris Cuomo apart in the video below.

You can watch the full thrilling interview below. Trump’s counselor shamed the network for its overtly heavy coverage of the fake Russia election meddling allegations. Chris Cuomo might as well be working for Russia for how much he cares about them.

“Aren’t you the least bit reluctant, if not embarrassed that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America?”

She then hounded him on Twitter.

Russia came up during the broadcast because Don Jr. admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower to get information on Hillary Clinton. Here is what Donald Trump Jr. responded on twitter with.

Conway then said to CNN that “There was no information given. There was no action taken. There was no follow-up.”

“And let me respectfully say, as well as I can, I don’t think anybody had to look very far to find damaging information on Hillary Clinton and negative information,” she shot back.

Cuomo blankly stared and then answered that that was “beside the point.”

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You can watch the full interview below.


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