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ULTIMATE KARMA: What Just Came Out About James Comey Will Set Washington On Fire

More than 50% the memos that fired FBI Director James Comey wrote during his conversations with President Trump have been now determined to have contained classified information, according to the Hill.

Officials familiar with the documents have said that this means that Comey broke his own agency’s rules and broke the same security protocol Hillary Clinton ran into. Comey said that memos were unclassified. Here’s the unforgettable video below.

This new revelation says that four of the memos had markings on them that made them clear that they were classified at the “secret” or “confidential” level – according to the Hill’s sources.

Spokesmen at the FBI have declined to comment as of Sunday.

This means that Comey could be guilty of the same thing that he investigated Hillary for. Aren’t you glad that Trump fired this guy quickly? He seems to have been a danger to the FBI.

Share this and comment “Good Riddance Comey!” Let’s show this doofus that we are glad that Trump fired him. Screw what the media says.

Source: Liberty Writers

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