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Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders About Donald Trump Jr., IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

Sara Huckabee Sanders can’t stop. Sara Hucakbee Sanders won’t stop. During a press conference on Monday, an ABC reporter asked about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a lawyer with Russian ties, implying that he was colluding with Russia to help trump win.

Sara Sanders took NO prisoners, starting out with:

“I’ve been on several campaigns and people call offering information…many of you receive similar calls from people offering information. Don Junior took a very short meeting from which there was absolutely no follow-up.

There’s your non-troversy , ABC. But Sanders didn’t even stop there, rubbing the media’s bias right in their face with:

“Frankly, something that may make sense is looking at the DNC coordinating opposition research directly with the Ukrainian embassy.”

She continued:

“This is not an accusation, this is an on the record action that they took...and no one in this room really had a big problem with that.”

BOOM. Then came the final blow:

“The only thing I see inappropriate about the meeting was the people that leaked the information on the meeting after it was voluntarily disclosed.”

you can listen to the whole thing here- it’s epic:

I love this lady! She is exactly what we need in the Trump Administration, and she is doing a GREAT job. You won’t even hear about this on the news though- that’s why we gotta get it around the MSM by sharing this 50,000 times!!

Source: Liberty Writers

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  1. She’s doing a fine job! That dude must have been a democrat. I would have gotten fired cause I would ask why Hilary’s emails were never released like this🤔

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