Fallen Soliders the Latest to Blame for Hillary Election Loss

Eight months after President Donald Trump defeated Democrat rival Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, liberals are still having a hard time accepting reality.

In a pathetic attempt to redeem Clinton’s character — as if that’s even possible — one media outlet blamed fallen U.S. soliders for her loss.

In a July 10 article, The Intercept reported on a recent study concluding that if fewer men and women had died in combat, particularly in key swing states, Clinton might be president.

The study, conducted by professors at Boston University and the University of Minnesota Law School, looked at areas of the country that saw a lot of military casualties, compared to the number of people who voted for Trump.

The theory behind the study hypothesized that if those servicemen and women had not been killed in combat, there may have been enough support for Clinton to give her the presidency.

“Comparing the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, they concluded that regions that had seen high concentrations in casualties over the past 15 years of warfare saw a swing in support towards Trump,” The Intercept reported.

The study further argued that Trump’s relatively anti-war rhetoric resonated with people who had lost loved ones fighting overseas.

“It’s certainly plausible I think that the … rhetoric of Trump’s campaign may have resonated with that group,” Francis Shen, one of the study’s authors, said.

Or maybe military families and communities refused to elect someone who turned her back on our heroes in their time of need and then lied about it?

The truth is that citizens voted for Trump for a variety of reasons — his proposed Supreme Court nominations, his plan to turn the economy around, and his dedication to American workers, just to name a few.

People didn’t like Clinton or her failed liberal policies. Her reputation for being deceitful, self-serving and hungry for power also didn’t do her any favors.

Instead, her supporters have been blaminganything and anyone for her defeat.

It’s time for liberals to stop grasping for reasons why Clinton lost and just accept the fact that she did.

H/T The Daily Caller

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