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JUSTICE: America’s Top Lawyer Just Made Media Look LOONEY Over Donald Jr Emails…Big Win!

I think it’s pretty simple, folks. When you want a car fixed, you call a repair man. When you are sick, you call a doctor. When you have an earth shattering legal question, Alan Dershowitz is your man. Now he has some big words about Don Jr’s case.

The media will never be the same…You could tell Alan Dershowitz was PI$$ED off today over this unbelievable falsehoods when he made the media circuit from his own home to get a single message out to the people:

Newspapers should NOT be declaring Trump Jr’s emails treason.

Dershowitz was clearly in a tizzy when he told Niel Cavuto on FOX Business,

“There’s really no difference on the First Amendment between a campaigner using information obtained from somebody who obtained it illegally and the newspaper doing it. So I think this is conduct that would be covered by the First Amendment.

It is also not prohibited by law. There has been so much overwrought claim. People are talking about treason. I can’t believe The New York Times had an op-ed yesterday in which treason was mentioned.”

You know, I read the NY Times article that Dershowitz is talking about. In the piece, the author suggests we return to Cold War standards and start using “other statutes” to punish perceived treason.

“But during the Cold War, treasonousconduct was often prosecuted under other statutes. Alger Hiss was sentenced to four years in prison for ‘forgetting’ in sworn testimony that he had met with Whitaker Chambers, an American working for the Russians.”

Sorry, buddy, but we are a country of LAWS. If we were just gonna use them all however we want, trust me when I say Hillary Clinton would be in jail by now.

So, if you are glad that Alan Dershowitz stepped forward to set the record straigh, help him share this and get the message out.

Source: Liberty Writers

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