NO SHAME: Right After Trump Jr. Released His Emails, Robert Mueller Did Something Totally DISGUSTING

Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller has announced plans to examine the email exchanges surrounding and the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a lawyer linked to the Kremlin.

Trump Jr. has come under fire in recent days after an alleged meeting with a Russian lawyer was leaked to the public. Trump Jr. tried to clear the air Tuesday morning by publicly releasing his entire email correspondence with the publicist Rob Goldstone, who offered to set up the meeting in June of 2016.

Mueller is currently investigating if Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and if the Trump campaign colluded in that interference. The Special Counsel has been accused of bias and criticized for stacking his investigative team with known Democrat donors and Clinton allies.

The Trump Jr. emails are just the latest non-troversy the Democrats and the media have cooked up to delegitimize President Trump. Fortunately, Trump Jr. has already released his emails on Twitter so we can see for ourselves how innocent he is.

After his son released the emails, President Trump put out a statement saying:

“My son is a high-quality person and I applaud his transparency.”

We agree, President Trump! The new Mueller probe into Trump Jr. seems like just another waste of taxpayer time and money. The only consolation is it will all be that much sweeter when the Trump team is finally proven innocent.

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Source: Liberty Writers

7 Replies to “NO SHAME: Right After Trump Jr. Released His Emails, Robert Mueller Did Something Totally DISGUSTING

  1. Mueller should have already been fired. Come on people – – he is close friends with Comey, he hired Clinton’s lawyer and people who are in with the Clinton’s and their foundation. Do you really think there will anything be done fair and square? ??? This is all part of the swamp that needs draining. God bless President Trump and VP Pence!!

  2. When Mueller was put on the panel we all thought his loyalty and integrity to the FBI. would supersede his colluding with his buddy COMEY. How much deeper is this OBAMAGATE GOING TO GET BEFORE A HERO steps in and brings JUSTICE to the people. We’re sick of the lies and the fairytales, put someone in there that’s going to uphold the oath they took.

    1. Amen…. They will jump on anything they can, they are so desperate… Hillary had meetings with many dignitaries, so why have they not, gone after her…bIt shows, just who they are after…. This is stupid and the American public is very aware of their antics… So disgusting…

  3. People need to wake up and see what is really happening with all these fictitious collision investigation. There is a transfer of wealth from We the People, to the democrats! Do you really believe they at not being paid, or that they are not padding all their accounts? These bastardy at laughing at us while they steal our money!

  4. Everyone is sick of all the cover ups, the flat out lieing and seems under oath means nothing to the people who are suppose to uphold the offices.The constitution
    means nothing to the Low-Life Swamp Dwellers ! The people, the military, the police ( law enforcement), the vetrans, the aged, the newborn, the innocent , No one are nothing means a absolute thing to these Swamp Dwellers and Comy and Mueller, Hillary, Bill, Nancy Plosie , Indian Warren( Elizebeth) are a few that follow the lead of The Obama’s…Both dwell on the bottom of the pack, they give the orders for their flunkies ! Prayers go out for Trey Gowdy, he will continue what looks so far to be a honest investagation ! God Bless Him and God Bless America !

    1. I love Trey Gowdy but he has to much admiration for James Comey, so when it comes to his prosecution I would hope that he would give no. Favoritism to him after all he said the blind lady sees no partiality ,I think that’s the way it goes.

  5. There is so dam much money laundering in this administration that it’s pathetic not to mention the fact that voter fraud is so evident that it will blow the mind . James Comey should be locked up for his participation in covering for this administration and I’m sure once all the ducks fall in line a lot of politicians will be behind bars and I pray it won’t be in a federal prison.

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