Fox Poll Reveals Melania More Popular First Lady Than Hillary

First lady Melania Trump has by now settled into the White House, and it appears that she has settled in with a majority of Americans as well, as her favorability numbers are markedly higher this year as compared to before the 2016 election.

According to a recent Fox News poll, the first lady is viewed favorably by 51 percent of Americans, with 28 percent viewing her unfavorably and 20 percent registering no opinion.

That 51 percent favorable rating is 16 points higher than the first time a Fox poll asked respondents about Melania Trump nearly a year ago. According to Breitbart, that number also shows Trump is viewed more favorably than former first lady Hillary Clinton was at the same point in the first term of her husband — former President Bill Clinton.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump has made significant gains in popularity among Republicans, independents and both men and women generally. But what is surprising is the fact that she has gained some 12 points among self-identified Democrats, though her favorable rating among the liberal party still only rates around 26 percent.

Naturally, liberals were outraged over the news (“she’s an ennabler of fascism,” as one unhinged lefty wrote) but there’s no denying Melania is growing as a public figure.

However, for all the gains she has made thus far, Trump still has a bit of a climb before she reaches the level of popularity former first lady Michelle Obama enjoyed during her first year in the White House, as she had a favorable rating of 73 percent in 2009.

That said, Trump may very well soon attain those heights in favorability, particularly if she continues to be the ever-gracious and humble hostess standing beside the president as he works to make our nation as great as it can be once more.

Not that this will shock anyone, but Melania scored a better favorable rating than her husband, Donald, did in the poll. The Independent Journal Review, citing the Michelle Obama Gallup poll results from 2009, remarked that it was not at all “uncommon” for a first lady to be more popular than the president.

In fact, Gallup stated at the time that this “likely reflects that their role is far less controversial than that of the president, which often results in less partisan ratings of the first lady.” It pointed to former first lady Laura Bush’s average favorable rating of 71 percent that beat former President George W. Bush’s 56 percent average as evidence of the trend.

One notable exception to that general rule is Hillary Clinton, though, who has on average been viewed less favorably than her husband.

It will be interesting to see how the favorable and unfavorable ratings track for both the first lady and the president going forward, particularly given the media’s incessant barrage of negative coverage toward them, though that may actually backfire and increase the Trump’s popularity as the American people chose to stand behind them in support.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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