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Not Even French First Lady Is Safe From President Trump’s Power Handshake — Just Watch

President Donald Trump arrived in France on Thursday where he met newly elected President Emmanuel Macron and French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

The president is in France to meet with Macron ahead of France’s Bastille Day celebration, but Trump’s trademark power handshake is once again stealing the show.

The American president apparently treats women no differently than male colleagues when it comes to greetings. Trump was seen giving the French first lady quite the firm grip:


As you can see from the actual video, Brigitte Macron clearly didn’t mind the firm grip:


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No, this isn’t exactly “news” — but Trump’s handshake has become a national fascination at this point.

Take a look at some of Trump’s many handshakes with world leaders:

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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3 Replies to “Not Even French First Lady Is Safe From President Trump’s Power Handshake — Just Watch

  1. I was in the newspaper business for many years (60+) and I never once saw a story come across the wires about peoples handshakes. Now there was news about other things, but handshakes was not on the agenda. Oboy how stupid can you get. Handshaking is not world or local news shaking, other parts of the anatomy might be, if done in the wrong way. Here women would have the advantage over men. Mr. Trump you just keep on shaking and making friends, and hope the other dimwits write about something that means something, like all the good things TRUMP has accomplished in six months even with the opposition and part of his own field hindering and finding fault. Can you imagine what it would be to have a John McCain or Tim Cane as president, and Pelosi or Maxine Watters in VP Positions.

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