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HELL NO: George Bush And Bill Clinton Just Teamed Up To Do The UNTHINKABLE To Trump

I gonna be totally honest with you folks. I don’t think that there are many people left who would list the last few decades of American presidents as ‘positive’. You have some of the worst leaders in US history, Obama, Bush, and Clinton, who all put us in a world of sh*t (just look at North Korea).

Well, now two of those dummies, Bush Jr and Bill Clinton, decided to work together to ‘take down’ President Donald Trump. At the Presidental Leadership conference in Dallas, they did something very bad…

The two clowns teamed up last night to publicly lecture Donald Trump on HUMILITY!

That’s right. Humility is in red for a reason. I just think it’s funny that George W Bush and Bill Clinton of all people would be going after Donald Trump for humility of all things.

Hey, ex-President Clinton. Do you REALLY think we forgot about this?

Tell me, is that what passes for humble these days? or maybe a BJ doesn’t count as ‘sexual relations’ for a guy like Bill.

Oh, and don’t think I forgot about you, ex-Pres Bush. You want to lecture Trump about being humble? I seem to remember a little something you did as President…

What mission was it, George? It certainly wasn’t beating extremists. We are STILL dealing with them.

Clearly, these guys should have practiced what they preached. I don’t know what the future holds for President Trump, but I’m sure he will handle it just fine.

Source: Liberty Writers

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