Wikileaks Emails Showed Clinton Plan To Discredit Bernie Sanders Over Bank Scandal

Bernie Sanders has termed the FBI investigation into his wife’s allegedly fraudulent actions a politically motivated investigation.

The investigation started because of a complaint filed by attorney Brady Toensing on behalf of a Roman Catholic parishioner, because the Catholice dioscese allegedly lost $2 million as a result of the allegedly fraudulent deal.

From Fox News:

Sanders has alleged that Toensing was motivated to file the complaint because of his ties to Trump. But Toensing told Fox News that is simply wrong. He didn’t take on the role of Vermont state chairman for the Trump campaign until the summer of 2016, well after the federal grand jury investigation of Mrs. Sanders began.

“This investigation was started under President Obama’s Justice Department,” Toensing said. “The senator’s claims are a common, but lame diversion for politicians faced with a grand jury investigation. He should focus on answering the allegations, which are solidly based on analysis of facts from documents obtained through public records requests and evidence gathered by investigative reporters.”

So it can’t be a politically motivated prosecution.

At least it can’t be from the Trump administration because the investigation began under the Obama administration.

But he may not be completely wrong. As Right Scoop notes, tt started under the Obama administration and it benefitted the Clinton campaign.

And Wikileaks emails show that the Clinton campaign planned to use the allegedly fraudulent land deal against Sanders to discredit him.

According to a series of 2015 emails to and from Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, leaked to and published on Wikileaks, the Clinton team wrote an extensive political opposition memo entitled “Sanders Top Hits-Thematics.” The memo details Mrs. Sanders’ role in the college’s financial failure, and parallels the ongoing FBI investigation, now before a grand jury, into the scandal. Other email correspondence shows the Clinton team believed scandals surrounding the college and Jane Sanders provided an opportunity to knock the Vermont senator’s reputation and chances to win the Democratic primary election.

One major theme was the Jane Sanders land deal.

“I think our first question is how are we going to defeat Sanders. … he’s not who he says he is — gun votes, DSCC money, Jane. There may be other options too but these seem to be the strongest attacks to consider. How we undermine Sanders candidacy is our threshold question,” a Clinton campaign official wrote in the fall 2015.

Attaching to an email the “hits” piece with potentially damaging about Mrs. Sanders, another official wrote: “We have a meeting scheduled on Thursday to discuss next steps on Bernie Sanders … we’d like for everyone to come having reviewed the material and ready to discuss which hits and themes we want to deploy.”

Source: Young Conservative

They weren’t shy about undermining Sanders with the DNC.

Or with getting and even creating opposition research on Trump like as the dirty dossier.

So how far would they go?


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