Comedian Jim Norton Shreds Reebok’s Hypocrisy Over Trump’s ‘Sexist’ Compliment of French First Lady in One Tweet

During President Donald Trump’s official state visit to France last week, he created a controversy with comments he made to French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

While Trump was torched by critics for calling the 64-year-old First Lady “in good physical shape” and “beautiful,” one of those critics — athletic gear manufacturer Reebok — received a torching of its own.

The festivities for Reebok began after it tweeted a flow-chart, suggesting it’s never appropriate for a man make such egregious comments to a woman:


In other words, a woman should never be treated in such a “sexist” manner.

While most Twitterers told Reebok in no uncertain terms to stick to making athletic gear and stay out of politics, comedian Jim Norton took a different tack, hitting the company where it hurts most — smack-dab in its hypocritical glass house.

Turns out Reebok employs a bit of sexism of its own, as Norton gleefully pointed out:


[Norton drops mic, walks off stage.]

As the criticism rolled on “DCVintage” used the meme of the year to take a shot:


Yep, “Fake Shoes.” And of course that ad campaign:

Selective moral outrage is unbecoming. Particularly when it’s a wee bit hypocritical.

Source: Conservative Daily


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