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FIGHTER: Trump Just Turned To The Cameras And Made An IMPOSSIBLE Threat To Amazon

FIGHTER: Trump Just Turned to the Cameras and Made an IMPOSSIBLE Threat to Amazon

President Donald Trump is absolutely NOT a man to be underestimated. Today he made that abundantly clear when he launched a Massive threat at the internet giant Amazon.

In front of a  large crowd of manufacturers at the Made in America showcase, Trump said:

The crowd was very happy to hear this, with all the hootin’ and hollerin’ you’d expect from people who have lost work to this company before.

He may not have named Amazon or Jeff Bezos THIS time, but there can be zero doubts that this is the target of his words, especially with the news from last week about Amazon. This is the SECOND Trump attack on Amazon’s practices this month:

Members of Congress have allegedly been pushing for an antitrust hearing against the internet giant after they purchased the Whole Foods grocery chain. While many people speculated that this was simply a push by hedge fund managers to short the market, Trump’s speech today changed all of that.

Also, anyone who remembers Trump’s campaign knows that he and Bezos do NOT see eye-to-eye on his abuse of power. Remember this speech?

There you have it. The new Theodore Roosevelt is here. He is another billionaire, New Yorker real estate giant who is taking the country BACK for the people. Oh, and both are Republicans.

So share the great news with everyone you know. Donald Trump really is gonna set this country straight.

Source: Liberty Writers

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