Trump Just Revealed His New Investigation That Will BURY Crooked Hillary And The Media Wants It GONE

President Trump has always been vocal when it comes to the longstanding issue of voter fraud, but now he’s put together an unbelievable bipartisan group to find the real truth in all past AND future elections.

President Trump kicked off the first meeting of his voter fraud commission with a bang Wednesday, speaking boldly on Election Integrity. American voters are obviously not far removed from the 2016 presidential election that was mired in questions and controversy. Most notable are the concerns that Democrats managed to wrangle millions of illegal votes, allowing Hillary to win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College by a substantial margin.

President Trump didn’t pull any punches and called the commission’s work a “sacred duty” and said he hopes its findings will give way to the “full truth.”

“Every time voter fraud occurs, it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen and undermines democracy,” he continued at the meeting in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, “Can’t let that happen. Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by non-citizens or the deceased, and any form of voter suppression or intimidation must be stopped.”

The Election Integrity Commission is chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, who also defended the bipartisan nature of the commission, arguing that election integrity “transcends party lines.”

“This bipartisan group will perform a truly non partisan service to the American people,” he said. “This commission has no preconceived notion or preordained results. We are fact finders.”

President Trump said the country has “no choice” but to investigate the election process and specifically called out states that have refused to send the voter information.

“If any state does not want to share this information, one has to wonder, what they are worried about?” he asked. “There’s something, there always is.”

But President Trump was clear this initiative is not solely being used to smoke out Hillary and her confidants. This commission was formed to hold EVERYONE accountable.

“We have no choice. We want to make America great again,” Trump said.

“We have to protect the integrity of the vote and our voters. This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue. It’s an American issue. It’s about the concern of so many Americans that improper voting has taken place and [is] cancelling out the votes of lawful American citizens.”

I think it’s about time we uncovered the real truth behind Hillary’s crooked campaign and prevent anymore professional politicians from manipulating democracy. This great nation was built on the beliefs that President Trump is trying to maintain, and backstabbing tricksters are finally being ousted from the White House.

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Source: The Hill

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