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When This Journalist Insulted Sarah Sanders, She SHUT HIM DOWN With Four Epic Words

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held another press briefing this evening, and as always, things started to get heated. After being sassed by journalists over health care, Sanders came back swinging in the best way.

You came to the right place folks, because the mainstream media isn’t going to report on this. Here’s a bit of the exchange:

Q: “You’re the ones who keep saying that there’s going to arrive a point at which the system has failed to such a degree that suddenly [the Democrats will be willing] to compromise. So, like, what are you envisioning?”

Sanders: “I can’t imagine — that as [Obamacare], as he laid out, goes deeper and deeper off the cliff, that –”

Q: “You’re either off the cliff or not off the cliff. (Laughter.) You don’t go deeper and deeper off a cliff.”

Let’s just pause there for one second- was that even necessary? These journalists think they are so clever, but they just make themselves look foolish. But Sarah Huckabee Sanders STILL brought the hammer down on them:

Sanders: “The point is Obamacare is simply unsustainable. We’ve said this a hundred times…It is essentially a dead program in terms of being able to provide the type of health care that Americans need and deserve.”

“Obamacare is simply unsustainable” SHUT. DOWN. She continues:

“And our point is the priorities that the President has laid out, we have to have a plan in place that actually provides care — not just coverage; that brings the cost down; lower deductibles; across-the-board reform. And at this point, hopefully, Democrats will see how bad the system is and come to the table.”

BOOM. Move along, journalist. Sarah Huckabee Sanders does NOT play games. You can listen to the whole exchange here:

And read the entire transcript here! The entire briefing was great.

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Source: Liberty Writers

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