NOTHING TO HIDE: Senate Issued Invite For Donald Jr. To Testify, His Response Made Every Democrat’s Heart Drop

It appears that the Democrats want to continue wasting everyones time with their Russia investigation after their months of investigations have remained fruitless.

The witch hunt on the Trump family continues and appears to be reaching it’s peak after a series of invitations to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee have gone out including none other than Donald Trump Jr. among other people like Paul Manafort and the head of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, that was behind the manufactured intelligence report on President Trump that came out during the election.

Invites to other people have gone out before but it appears that the Democrats only like to threaten Trump and his family with subpoenas to testify.


And Chairman Grassley/RM Feinstein have said they would issue subpoenas if they decide not to accept invite.

— Frank Thorp V (@frankthorp) July 19, 2017

But Donald Trump Jr.’s response to the invite left the Democrats floored.

They were probably hoping to make Donald Jr. look guilty by not accepting the invite, but without a doubt, he accepted the invite.


Because he has nothing to hide.

Both Manafort and Donald Jr. have both now confirmed their attendance at the hearings.


Where were the threats of subpoenas with the likes of Susan Rice or others that haven’t testified?

If there is nothing to hide than go and clear the air and that is exactly what Donald Jr. and Paul Manafort are going to do.

Source: Liberty Writers

17 Replies to “NOTHING TO HIDE: Senate Issued Invite For Donald Jr. To Testify, His Response Made Every Democrat’s Heart Drop

  1. Democrats you have got to be the most irritating, un-American, obstructionists Party ever in our country. You are desperate idiots. What have you accomplished for your people since January. NOTHING. You complain and waste the American tax Payers Money. You are irresponsible and unethical. You act as a dictatorship with the clown of Schumer at the lead. CAN any of you Think for yourselves and stop acting like a MOB with Mob mentality. You Party is an embarrassing to the United States.


  3. Set up! This is so stupid, a waste of tie and money but, most importantly, a distraction from the business that so badly needs attending, health care, tax reform, jobs and economy, securing borders, comtroling “immigration” and just plain keeping the peace.

  4. The left’s days are numbered and they know it. They are trying to tread water before going down for the last time. Well, have it Dems but just remember, God has this and there is nothing you can do to change it. You might as well admit defeat and get in line to MAGA! Silly little Dems!

  5. SO True. If they keep this up and don’t settle down and go to WORK for a change after almost nine years of nothingness except voting in a Healthcare bill that doesn’t work, and filling their pockets with BIG PHARMA money, I say we vote all the obstructionists OUT !

  6. Schummer, grassley, feinstein,warren, mccain, ryan, graham, rice, killary, obozo let me go on!!!!!
    YOU ARE ALL AN embarrassment to Our Country the USA!!!!!!!
    Chsrge them all with sedition and put their A$$’s in jail!!

  7. I think those that commented have covered everything pretty well, they did a great job and I agree to remove the opposition party!there is only two parties there are liberal elite that-cross both sides of the aisles and conservatives!

  8. It’s in God’s hands now we need to stick together and do something that the left can’t stop and that’s pray to God for his help in fighting these God fearing satin loving Democrats. The Democrats and Soros know they can’t stop us when we put our minds together and pray to God and ask God to bless us and our President Donald J. Trump in Jesus name. God bless us for doing what’s good against those that are doing evil.

  9. what a waste of taxpayer dollars, all i have herd before the election is that trump cant win and should he have defeat WILL HE ACCEPT IT, then with the victory the electoral votes were cast but celebrities pleaded with ads to have those changed….

    Then major demonstrations and none of those demonstrators paid for any damage they caused…..

    then all this, yet when the investigation on hillary and others take place NOTHING HAPPENS….
    i lived in california where the crazy democrat nacy pelosi lives and yes maxinne waters, (before i moved recently)

    1 of the things we as californian did when a emocratic Governor Grey Davis SCREWED California, WAS RECALLED HIS BUTT and he then no longer was the governor of california…. thats how arnold schwartzengger was elected Govenor… california was only the 2nd state to ever recall a state governor…

    why no one else recalls their politicians for not following through on a promise i dont get WE HAVE THAT POWER AND VOICE as US Citizens

    time to start taking the political power away from those who are NOT DOING THEIR JOBS when they get voted in…. its also 1 way to take power away from the special interest groups

  10. God Bless you Donald Trump, Jr.. You are a great American! To bad the dems/libs haven’t learn to be good Americans. We need more Americans with “BACK BONE”.

    Please God give more dems what they have earned. Please remove more from office by any means. The satan lovers are deeply entrenched in corrupting our country. Money and power is all they want. Thank you Lord Jesus for sending us President Trump. Continue to give him strength and direction for DRAINING THE SWAMP!! In Jesus’ Name. AMEN

  11. Someone needs to make a policy statement that the SOLUTION to DEFEAT of ISIS & other ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS is to take a page from history and ALLY w/Russia to DEFEAT ISIS same as we did in WW2 by Teaming Up w/Soviet Russia to DEFEAT NAZIX Germany> It worked befoer & can again, So who is it OBSTRUCTIng this? It sure ain’t the TRUMPs, its the SOCIALIST DIMoCRAPS who have NO SOLUTIONs

  12. The Democrats are the biggest losers I’ve ever seen in my life and they are getting sorrier as human beings. Moral corruption and pathological liars are the only kind of people who cannot trust others lol. Your judgment day is coming quickly and hell will be so hot for child trafficking rapists, torturers and killers. They are trying now to push for the legality of pedophilia now and are adding “P” to the LGBTQ. You are SCUM, FILTH, THE SNOT THAT GETS ON THE SHOES AFTER A LONG DAY AROUND A NASTY SWAMP. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE THE DEPTH THESE REPROBATES WILL GO TO SO THEY WON’T BE PROSECUTED! AND 1 MORE WITNESS WAS RECENTLY MURDERED BY THE CLINTONS. THE CLINTON FOUNDATION IS A COVER FOR CHILD TRAFFICKING FOLKS! GUESS WHO THE NUMBER ONE CLENT OF THESE TRAFFICKING DENS IS? FILTHY RICH ISLAMIC AHOLES! Right here in America children sit in cages and scum are making billions on selling children!!

  13. Listen to what Pence has to say about John Lewis bUT he was way too kind. I watched John Lewis right after Trump was elected and he did nothing but write evil negative slander to every positive remark Trump made on twitter! He is one big sorry LOSER who chooses to be a victim and race baiter. Because of all the msm’s representations of our president and this person Lewis, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi, and all the reprobates in the DNC and others saying he isn’t a legitimate president, you are not only putting down the president but you are putting down my parents and my parents’ friends, and my family and many other God fearing, decent, hard working moral people who have kept this nation together and haven’t allowed it to go down to the level of Sodom & Gomorrah which has taken so much work!!!! And these people hating on Trump are such imbeciles. If Trump goes somewhere you get Pence and guess what liberal america, Pence isn’t in love with you, he doesn’t need your approval. Pence will mess up your immoral, gay parties and there won’t be any gay weddings and abortion!

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