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Trump Did Something INCREDIBLE For Harley Davidson… The Media Isn’t Showing It

In February, Harley Davidson execs visited Trump at the White House and our President praised the company in their building of America. Here’s the video from the time.

Trump praised the company for its help building America. On Thursday, Trump ended the extortion of Harley Davidson this week.

Last year the US Government fined Harley-Davidson $15 million over emissions issues. The government, of course, said that the money would got to help reduce pollution from wood-fired stoves.

Yesterday, the Trump administration said that Harley-Davidson would not fund the anti-pollution program. This will end toe Obama-ear thing that makes companies pay for environmental pet projects, according to the New York Times.

This practice creates slush funds for organizations. BP was required to spend billions on coastal projects that had nothing to do with its spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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It is great having a President that knows how to run a business. Thanks for reading.

Source: Liberty Writers

2 Replies to “Trump Did Something INCREDIBLE For Harley Davidson… The Media Isn’t Showing It

  1. I applaud our president for doing all the good work he,s doing!!!!! If all the dems, freeloaders, republican loose canons and haters would get out of the way, he could probably get a lot more done!!!!!!

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