VACATION OVER: Trump Just Sent RUTHLESS Message To Republicans That Will Terrify Them

Hold my drink, y’all. I’m about to unite this country. If there is one thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on these days it’s that the US Congress DOESN’T work. Nobody is more pi$$ed than President Donald Trump.

Today Trump let Congress know EXACTLY how he feels about their BS when he told the Republicans in Congress that their jobs are on the line if they don’t finish health care before their “vacation” by tweeting:

“I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!”

Right? Now, this is something that even the radical leftists can agree with. Why should the Senate and House go on break when they never work in the first place?

I have a good idea. Let’s see which Senators and Congressmen are willing to stay and solve this issue. Anyone who votes to take a vacation, we vote for their Republican opponent in 2018.

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Source: Liberty Writers

21 Replies to “VACATION OVER: Trump Just Sent RUTHLESS Message To Republicans That Will Terrify Them

  1. Do your damn jobs both Democrat and republicans get off your butts work together stop this petty bullshit and be Americans for a change

  2. To be a Congressman or Senator is still a JOB and one that should be held in high regard. If it is not than the person or persons should be removed.Most of the Politicians in D.C. Beltway are so Corrupt that the can’t see the American way of life and only care about Them. The American people put them in That office , Now WE need to take them out !!!!!!!!!!

    1. My sentiments exactly. I will be very select about who I vote for again. They will have to prove they are worthy of my vote.

  3. It’s been going on too long they think they are above everybody they forget their working for we the people we’re going to vote you out and get out and find a damn job

  4. Mr. Trump I really hope you get to read this. They also should get a pay decrease if we don’t work at our jobs we don’t get paid. My thoughts take away their wages and if they can’t get the budget set and have to come back for special session they come at their own expense taxpayers should not have to pay them twice for the same thing. I know this is jusy my thoughts but its the truth.

    1. That’s right !!!
      Most of these elected eleatist wouldn’t know the first thing about holding a real job !!!
      Most of them haven’t a clue nor do they care as to what it’s like living on a limited budget !!!
      What I would realy like to see is that they be confind to the same health programs as their employers ( we the people ).

    2. I agree with you…totally!!! But the HealthCare bill should NOT be rushed just to get vacation time. It needs serious thought, planning, and considering consequences of each action this Congress takes. It CANNOT be passed unless it improves on Obama’s plan!!! Otherwise, it would be foolish to pass new legislation.

    3. Barbara Miller..I love your comments and agree…furthermore they should come back without lay for the excess time…👍

  5. What ever health care they give the masses. That’s the same health care they get by the flick of your pen President Trump. These Republican Senators and Congressman are playing a deadly game. We are with you. We the American people will vote them out of office.

  6. When will America wake up to what is going on??? It’s not about our healthcare, which belongs in the hands of the private sector, but about who is in control, We The People, or the beast and who will profit. Our once great healthcare system want built by Washington, but by the private sector. It’s about a Global new world order and the so called “elite” that seek to control mankind.

  7. All long-term, wealthy politicians in Washington DC once again have proven that they do not care what the American public wants. Neither Republicans or Democrats are doing their job. All they do is run for office. They sell their votes and they do not care what the American public needs or wants. It’s time we voted them all out, put in term limits, and elect honest politicians who will work for us not just for themselves.

  8. It’s time the senate and the house…republican and democRAT should have to work 24/7 just like the rest of the working people in the USA do. They have been getting a free ride for waaay too long. Cut the number of the senate and the house and turn the rest out to pasture. It’s a farce…..the way they cheat.

  9. A woman of the night has more status than what any congressman or senator has in my mind. At least these women are honest about their immoral life style. As for the latter words cannot describe adequately what low life scum they really are. It’s unbelievable how incompetent there men & women really are. Ron

  10. lol. now we have a president that tells’ us what we already knew…but its’ great to hear him say it+++++trump is doing and acting just like he promised…never work in the first…lol+++president you are the best.hearing you say that shows’ me that you are for the American people just like you said you would be++++ITS’ GREAT TO HAVE A BUSINESSMAN IN THE White House.THAT KNOWS’ HOW TO SPEND ARE TAX DOLLARS AND DONT’ LET ANYBODY SCREW US++++THANK YOU PRES’ TRUMP+++

  11. We want Obamacare gone, and a health program that people can afford, with big Pharma and the Insurance Co.s being totally in control of our lives. If we want natural cures we should be able to get the service. Big Pharma has been lying to us for way too long. Did you know that our country has know since 1925 that sugar feeds cancer, and did they ever tell anyone? They use sugar as the dye for a scan to see if you have cancer because it lights it up like a Christmas tree. Now you all have your work cut out for you.

  12. I know of no other employer who would give recess to its employees & pay them besides,if their persistent their butts are canned.Good job mr president tell it like it is.

  13. Good! I agree with cutting their pay! They are over paid and do nothing but add to Americas problems! If they don’t start working and doing what we sent them there to do then its time to kick them out! If you don’t work you don’t get paid!! That’s with all us and this includes Washington politicians to! And make them pass a good replacement for Obama care and let’s go even farther make them go on any health care plan they give us! Maybe this will make them give a good one to pass! Just saying!

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