BIG WIN: Top Judge Just Gave Trump EXACTLY What He Needs To Prove Voter Fraud

Of Course, they do! And now, thanks to Washington-based U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, President Trump has been given exactly what he needs to prove it.

Judge Kollar-Kotelly said Trump CAN seek voter data for his election commission.

This is a really big deal, folks, and I’m gonna tell you why. President Trump has simply wanted to see if the votes in places where voter ID’s are BANNED are fair: California, Oregon, Virginia, etc.

No surprise, those states are full of felons and illegals who are PERFECT to rig votes with. Does it mean they are rigging them? Not necessarily. However, to have fair federal elections, we need to know.

So why are the Dems, who demand registries for things like Health Care and guns, so against checking these states? Well, my guess is they are hiding something. I pray to God I am wrong, but the shoe does fit.

Do you think we should have Voter ID laws across the United States now or are the Dems right that they hurt minorities? Comment and share this to your family and your friends.

Source: Liberty Writers

13 Replies to “BIG WIN: Top Judge Just Gave Trump EXACTLY What He Needs To Prove Voter Fraud

  1. Of course WE need it all investigated. They
    The Dems are running scàred and know they have violated the voting procedures.
    Must be US citizen or no vote against the
    Board as a Federal Law. I mean IRS is a
    Federal Law WE have to abide by.

  2. Yes voter ID’S should be the norm, you have to show ID’s when you buy liquor, cigarettes, beer, go to the doctors, cash a check or open a checking or savings account, so yes everyone should ID’S when voting. It should be a federal law for all 50 states.

    1. I agree NANCY. It seems like the easier we make it to vote the more it’s taken advantage of by crooks. If you really want to vote you’ll go through some things like ids or proof of citizenship or address and then we can all feel like it is a true vote of our American people and honest and accurate elections

  3. The voter fraud will prove once and for all that Hilary didn’t really win the popular vote either! If there’s that many fraudulent votes there’s no way she could have won!

  4. I believe in voter ID.

    Unfortunately, the greatest opportunity for voter fraud is in the absentee ballot. I read a report of an investigation in Florida has been stopped because they cannot determine who was doing it. Even though it involved corrupt postal employees, election officials as well as the people who planned and managed the operation.

  5. Of course we should! All is hullabaloo from Clinton and her minions has been to take the focus off of them and their corruption and put it on problems made up in their minds to take the focus off of the real problem! The real problem? I can tell you in 2 words – Hillary Clinton! Two more? Both obamas! And maybe a few more – Dems/lefts/elites who don’t want the money flow to stop , which it did when President Trump took office. It should NOT be up to any governor, senators, or anyone else whether to check these states or not. That should be our presidents decision, as should closing sanctuary cities to protect American citizens. Those who violate these boundaries should be removed from office. These people have been given too much authority from the previous administration, that authority MUST be taken back by our President, where it belongs. We have had so many threats, corruption from the previous administration and his puppets, it’s time to start prosecuting when issues arise and laws have been broken. That is what will truly make America great again!

  6. Voter fraud shouldn’t be allowed. Yes we should show I’D to vote like we have to for other things. It’s only for protection. To get my drivers license I have to show who I am. Anything I do now days I have to show my license. Make them also give a security code too like they do to play on Facebook, Pogo and another thing. Make sure they are the only one that know the answer

  7. I am so glad this happened! I live in California and know that there was voter fraud in the Obama elections so I figure there was voter fraud in the Hilary side of the 2016 vote!

  8. This is by no means hardship on any one. Any one who draws welfare has to have ID so why is this any different? How long have people been able to vote without ID? At least 8 years?

    1. When I first started voting we had to show proof of regesterstion and it was easy. Would be no problem today.

  9. Some of these top Dems and the DNC corp and their paid off media and Government officials like HRC and Wasserman need charged with election fraud and rigging So sick of all the criminal Dems walking free

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