Trump Leak: Giuliani Coming to Clean House… Dems’ Worst Nightmare Coming True

There is little question that some in the media love to drive wedges between President Donald Trump and those who surround and support him. As such, it was no surprise that reports of increasing friction between Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are being played up in the media.

After Trump made the commonsense observation that he likely would have picked someone else for the job if he had known Sessions would recuse himself on the Russia investigation — which opened the door to the ever-expanding Special Counsel investigation — there are now reports that Trump is considering replacing Sessions with someone he had initially considered for the top spot at the Justice Department.

According to Axios, Trump has reportedly floated the idea among his inner White House circle of replacing Sessions with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, ostensibly to more aggressively investigate and potentially prosecute failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other assorted “swamp” monsters in Washington.

A Monday morning tweet from the president seemed to indicate as much. “So why aren’t the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered A.G., looking into Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations?” asked Trump.

Sessions could certainly be described as “beleaguered” — suffering or being subjected to constant or repeated trouble or harassment — though it has often been at the hands of Democrats rather than the president.

The New York Post noted that Giuliani, one of Trump’s earliest and most ardent supporters, had been among the handful of potential attorneys general that Trump had considered during the transition period.

However, Giuliani ultimately removed his name from consideration for a cabinet position in December, apparently after finding out he wouldn’t be named as secretary of state, the position he reportedly desired the most.

To be sure, it isn’t all that uncommon for Trump — or any other president or successful business leader for that matter — to openly consider making personnel changes from time to time, even if those suggested changes are never acted upon. This could be done for a variety of reasons, such as to inspire motivation or to simply float a trial balloon to gauge reactions.

That said, Giuliani wouldn’t be the worst person to serve as head of the Justice Department, and his history of being tough on organized crime and corruption would seemingly make him a great fit to go after the alleged crime racket known as the Clinton Foundation, not to mention the various swamp creatures gumming up the works and stymieing Trump’s agenda in Washington.

Source: Conservative Tribune

16 Replies to “Trump Leak: Giuliani Coming to Clean House… Dems’ Worst Nightmare Coming True

  1. I like sessions but I’m not sure he is in the right position. Rudy is more hard nosed and that’s what is needed to clean the swamp. Trump needs to bring in as many hard core people that he can find so that the playing field can level out.

  2. I like Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and think he has done a great job. But the decision is yours and yours alone. You need to build your Cabinet Members and let them be. You still have a lot of spots to fill because you keep firing them. Settle down and get your 4 year Cabinet in place.

    1. The Democrats keep blocking and dragging their feet on letting him get his cabinet in place. I read an article on this. Trump only has half his cabinet people appointed due to Democrats delaying. Now this made up Russia thing is helping slow diwn Trump’s agenda… this is exactly what the Democrats wanted to do. It is sickening. Obama left such a mess if roadblocks and spies behind to help destroy Trump. He and Hillary should be arrested.

  3. I would be very happy if he picked Giuliani, although I too think the Jeff Sessions was doing a great job. But…President Trump, I know you have your reasons and I am not the one to question it. Rudy Giuliani is still another great choice.

  4. I like Giuliani too but doesn’t he have some complicated international business dealings that would make it hard for him to get support? He wanted to be sec. of State and din’t get the kob. Hope his ego would not prevent him from accepting if offered.

  5. I really wish Giuliani would have been 1 of your cabinet picks from the beginning, but you are still doing an awesome job, Mr. President, even with all the obstacles you’re having to hurdle, side-step or bust through. If you must replace Sessions with Giuliani to unclog the drain so the swamp can be drained faster, I’m all for it!

  6. I agree if Sessions is taking backwater in the swamp maybe we do need Giuliani to clear the clogged drain and get down to rendering justice in cleaning and draining the swamp.

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