Right After Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Promoted, Leftists ATTACKED Her In The Most DISGUSTING Way

The leftists are always telling us how much they love women and how Republicans are always against women’s rights, right? Then they should be so happy that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was recently chosen to be the third female press secretary in the history of the United States, right?

WRONG. Many leftists only like women when those women support their politics. Conservative women are fair game to hate on!Case in point, Daily Beast contributor Ira Madison III, who posted that Huckabee Sanders was like a “Butch queen first time in drags at ball.” He seems to have deleted that first tweet, but kept this follow up:

This lovely gentleman also wondered if Secretary Ben Carson would serve the Trump White House in the “house or field.” Aren’t leftists sweet?

Here are a few other examples of the women-loving left:

Damien Fahey writes for Family Guy.

Natalia Petrzela is a Washington Post contributor.

Akliah Hughes is a “comedian” who apparently thinks making fun of the way women look is hilarious. I wonder if she’d be ok with a similar Hillary joke? My guess is probably not.

The left needs to take a good long look in the mirror before calling others sexist. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a strong, fiesty, high-powered woman who happens to be conservative. She does a great job sticking up to powerful men (and other women) in the media every time she has a press briefing, and she is one of very few women to hold her position, yet she is derided on the left.

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Source: Liberty Writers

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