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Right After Voting FOR ObamaCare Repeal, John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back

It’s kinda funny, y’all. Part of me wants to tell you about the amazing speech John McCain made after he saved Republican’s final effort to repeal ObamaCare. Heck, it’s all the media can talk about. However, what nobody noticed was his SICK attacks on Trump during the speech.

That’s right, while most people saw him trying to rally the Senators, there was a much darker hidden agenda to the speech.

Let’s start with where he stands on the actual HealthCare repeal. Despite voting to open the debate, McCain made it very clear he will NOT support the actual bill and believes it will fail.


In fact, he described the bill they would be voting on as a piece of legislation secretly made behind closed doors with Trump. Then he ALSO said that Trump’s attitude of “getting something done” is bad.

Oh, and did Senator McCain stop there? Heck No! He went on to talk about how America is not about “Building Walls” but tearing them down.

Let’s get something straight. This is a very leftist statement. Also, why do they think you can equate abstract social walls to border walls to help regulate trade and crime? They are NOT the same thing and they know it!

What more can you expect from the man who funded the FAKE dirty dossier on President Trump?

So basically I agree with McCain 100% on the need for Congress to function properly, work together, and make a good healthcare plan for the American people. I do NOT agree with his clear bias against the President and the years of serving his donors interests over those of the American people.

I pray for 2 things for John McCain: First – recovery from his terminal illness ; Second – Have the common sense to retire.

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Source: Liberty Writers

7 Replies to “Right After Voting FOR ObamaCare Repeal, John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back

  1. He is no different than his old buddy Hillary..they can’t stand to lose!!! We all know what campaigns are about so they need to put on their big boy/girl pants and start doing the jobs I hate paying for them to have!!!

  2. He is not a Republican.. And would not have been a good president , had he made it to the end…It would have been a continuation of Obama regime.. Soros is funding Mr. McCain.. and that is unforgivable.

    1. McClain is 1 of the 6 Republicans that took Secret Payments from Hillary to Destroy Trump and he is probably still taking payments to destroy our President. He has never been an upright honest person! People feel sorry for him because he is sick with cancer but he is also sick in the head and has sold out our Country! In my opinion, he and Paul Ryan would do anything for money. He has been stabbing our Country and Americans in the back for many years

  3. McCain is payed by Soros and us to vote against us ! Check his bank accounts there will be more money then there is supposed to be!!Hes mad at President Trump because he said he didn’t like the people that get caught in war !! Little freak!

  4. I want to know how Senator McCain sabotaged President Trump. Please explain I thought that they only thing he voted for was to allow for deabate about healthcare. If he is taking money from Soros he should be investigated. How can the government afford all these phony investigations? Another excuse to get nothing done. Drain the swamp President Trump.

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