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TOTAL RESET: Trump Just Threatened To Fire ANOTHER Cabinet Member If ObamaCare Repeal FAILS

Donald Trump is apparently ready to trim the fat off his administration, startin with his own cabinet. It looks like Jeff Sessions sealed his own fate when he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Now Trump has his laser vision targeting ANOTHER member.

During his big speech to the Boy Scouts of America today, the President brought Mitt Romney and Tom Price on stage before he dropped this bomb:

Health Secretary Tom Price will be FIRED if Congress cannot repeal ObamaCare.

Now that right there is Earth shattering, game changing news.

Now, the media is gonna try to run this 10,000 ways to make Trump look bad but we know a simple fact: America hired a CEO and that means he will fire bad people.

This is not an episode of the Apprentice, and Trump knows it. He knows what is at stake and he will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

So, you can throw Tom Price into the list of people that the President is not super happy with along with Sessions and see who is left by the end of August. My guess, we will have new eyes in the White House and less leakers.

Will you support Trump the whole time no matter who he hires and fires? Share this out everywhere if you will honor the President of the United States.

Source: Liberty Writers

4 Replies to “TOTAL RESET: Trump Just Threatened To Fire ANOTHER Cabinet Member If ObamaCare Repeal FAILS

  1. I totally believe that Sessions should go! And yes if healthcare is not repealed then that guy needs to go too. Trump is a businessman! He needs to surround himself with more professionals and get rid of the politicians. They are all useless.

  2. We the people are behind you every step of the way ,President Trump . You do what you have to do to make America great again. We love you and stand beside you .We keep you and VP Pence and your cabinet and our Country in our prayers every day .

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