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Minutes Ago Trump Walked Up To These Kids And Did Something UNFORGETTABLE

Despite what the leftists like to try and brainwash people with, all us Trump supporters know that President Trump has worked his butt off to keep his promises to the American people. Just look what he did today.

Remember when Donald Trump promised to donate his salary if he won? Well, he invited a bunch of kids to the White House today for some very big news.

Trump donated his second $100,000 paycheck to the Department of Education.

The announcement was first made during the press conference with new Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee and Betsy Devos.

This right here is just another fine example of what it looks like when a US President actually goes out of his way to keep his word.

So far, Trump has:

  1. Got Niel Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

  2. Brought production jobs back to the US

  3. Significantly reduced the levels of illegal immigration

  4. Got Mexico and Canada to renegotiate NAFTA

  5. Pulled us out of the TPP

  6. Led the stock markets to record highs

  7. Increased confidence in the dollar enough for the FED to raise interest rates

Heck, these kids are clearly proud of Trump.

Not too shabby for just 6 months. Share this everywhere if you are proud of President Trump and all he has accomplished.

Source: Liberty Writers

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