ObamaGate Returns: Obama Took One Look At These Newly Declassified Documents And Fainted

Obama has had many a cover up during his tenure as President and one of his last ones is coming back to bite him big time.

Obama not only did not stop the spying on Americans by the NSA but actually ramped up the surveillance efforts.

And of course this power was abused countless times.

Obama waited until he was almost out of office to announce that the NSA under his administration had not only violated the privacy of Americans but had knowingly done so and got away with it.

There is even an account of an American’s name being looked up with the same search query every day for an entire year. That sounds like an abuse of power if there ever was one.

The list of American civil liberty protections that Obama and the NSA under him violated includes according to The Hill:


And these crimes were uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act suit by the American Civil Liberties Union.

And this is the same NSA that is saying that Russia hacked our election.

Hmm. Interesting that they have the same story as Obama.

It didn’t take Obama long to start these egregious actions of privacy violation either with them dating all the way back to 2009 through the end of his presidency in 2016.

This is yet another example of how Obama has been caught abusing his power and gotten away with it.

Imagine if the Democrats didn’t have the mainstream media in their pocket or Trump did this.

The backlash would be enormous. Maybe they’d even hire a special prosecutor … but at least there is evidence and proof in this instance.

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Source: Liberty Writers

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