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Seconds Ago Sarah Huckabee Admitted Something Huge That Has Journalists IN TEARS

Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened up her White House press briefing by telling reporters about her life. She’s a working mother and is the first mother in history to hold the job. What she said in this video is tugging at heartstrings across the nation.

Watch the amazing moment 4:30 minutes in.

Twenty-years ago Sarah Sanders would be the poster child for feminism. Now, the fake feminists attack her on the regular.

Sarah Sanders makes the White House so much brighter and the best part is that she is the one thing that the left cannot tear down in the media: a strong woman.

We at Liberty Writers reported yesterday about how a leftist reporter attacked Sarah Huckabee and called her a “butch queen.” You can read more on that here.

Hold up. Read that last paragraph in reverse. A reporter for a major publication called Sarah Sanders a “Butch queen.” That’s disgusting.

Sanders said in the video that her oldest child, a daughter named Scarlett, will start kindergarten in weeks.

“Scarlett and every little girl in America should grow up in a country that — if we deliver on the president’s agenda better jobs, better healthcare, and a better tax system — incentivizes women to work and raise children,” Sanders said.

“As a working mom, it’s not lost on me what a great honor and privilege it is to stand here at the podium.”

Two mothers have held the title of White House press secretary. Their names are Dana Perino (George W. Bush) and Dee Dee Myers (under Bill Clinton), says Business Insider.

Let’s show Sarah Huckabee some support.

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Source: Liberty Writers

5 Replies to “Seconds Ago Sarah Huckabee Admitted Something Huge That Has Journalists IN TEARS

  1. These “questioners” are like hyenas around a baby gazelle. SICKENING! GREAT JOB Ms. Huckabee. You are so like your Father!

  2. Love you Sarah,you are doing a wonderful job,I seen you once answering Questions and I thought this is the person for this job,I’m so glad they were smart enough to grab you,you handled the reporters better than anyone I have ever seen and I’ve seen a few in my 74 years.

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