Ben Carson Just Told The World What He Thinks About Trump, And The RINOs Are HORRIFIED

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson, who has been a background figure amid the hubbub surrounding the White House, recently gave an interview with the Washington Examiner. The retired neurosurgeon described his role in the administration and his relationship with the president.

Carson gave his thoughts on the President’s tweets, saying he was sympathetic and supportive of him:

“I think [the White House has] done well given the level of frustration. I mean, can you imagine you’ve been elected president and the only thing anyone wants to talk about is Russia? Can you imagine how frustrating that is?”

“People say he’s wild with his tweets and things. I think he’s pretty restrained under the circumstances.”

This is in stark contrast to other Republican leaders who have been critical of President Trump’s favorite means of communicating with the American people. This includes the likes of Lindsey Graham:


and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL):


When asked if he thought President Trump’s tweets were too reactionary, Carson simply said:

“I don’t know if you could say he reacts too much. I would just say he is, perhaps, more reactionary than I might be.”

Carson went on to describe his relationship with President Trump, who he speaks to every week:

“We’re philosophically very well aligned. He knows a lot about housing. It’s amazing how much he knows about it. But he’s also a very kind-hearted person. You may not see that sometimes because he’s reacting to things that other people are doing and saying. He sometimes reacts rather vigorously.”

Honestly, it’s great to hear someone in D.C. has the President’s back, especially after some Republicans have become so critical of him.

Thanks Dr. Carson! I’m glad we can depend on you! Share 10,000 times so all the RINOs know we SUPPORT those who SUPPORT our president!

Source: Liberty Writers

5 Replies to “Ben Carson Just Told The World What He Thinks About Trump, And The RINOs Are HORRIFIED

  1. Yes, thank God for me like Ben Carson, a Republican, a man with a backbone, actually stands for what he said before the election, instead of the rest who stand for NOTHING, except in election-time.
    We, voters have had it with them. Lindsey Graham, Mc Cain, the likes of them, criticizing the President, a man working for the good of the USA, is disgraceful.
    Are there any Republicans/conservatives who still stand for anything? They are pitiful! Have talked for 7 years of repealing Obamacare! Talked, talked, talked, action?!! NO, COULD NOT GET IT TOGETHER! Dishyster!

  2. For heavens sake, give the guy a chance… Don’t try to do everything you can to stop him from doing his job…IF you. Can’t work with the president then maybe you should all retire and let someone take your place that will at least try?.

  3. Yes I support our President. His tweeting is no different than people texting on their phones at least he’s letting the people know what’s on his mind and what the corrupt government is doing to the American people

  4. Thank you Dr. Carson. I was an Operating Room Technician (specialising in Neurosurgery) at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. I had the great privilege of scrubbing for Dr. Phil Huber, Dr. Gordon Scratch and Dr. Latimer. It pleases me greatly to have You in Americas’ Well Being and Dedication. May GOD BLESS YOU and YOURS and keep you SAFE.

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