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WHIPCRACK: When Trump Just Unveiled His Latest Plan, ALL Lawmakers Will Start RUNNING Back To Work


White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney gave an interview on CNN where he delivered President Trump’s message to all legislators:

“In the White House’s view, they can’t move on in the Senate… You can’t promise folks you’re going to do something for seven years, and then not do it.”

Seriously. We kept election Republicans on the promise that they would help fix the Obamacare disaster. What have they been doing the past seven years? Why weren’t they ready for this?

Mulvaney delivered the president’s message- the Senate should NOT vote on ANYTHING until an Obama repeal has been voted on again. Not the debt ceiling. Not taxes. Nothing. Obamacare is going down and millions of Americans are suffering. Let’s get it done NOW.

“the President is simply reflecting the will of the people. If you go out and poll the American public right now and find out what the most important issue is right now- it’s health care…Obamacare is hurting people.”

Check out the interview here- Mulvaney sums up EVERYTHING in a minute and a half:

This is a position Trump has advocated himself since the ‘skinny repeal’ failed on Friday, saying:


President Trump and his administration are serious about this, and they’ree going to make the House and Senate serious about it too- by hook or by crook.

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Source: Liberty Writers

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