The emails in question were sent to and from Hillary’s right-hand woman and personal assistant Huma Abedin- and they are JAW DROPPING.

Many of the emails are from donors, including a Clinton library donor, asking for jobs or meetings. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said of the discovery:

“Pay to play, classified information mishandling, influence peddling, cover ups—these new emails show why the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s conduct must be resumed.”

He later said in an interview with Fox News:

“It’s hard to tell where the Clinton State Department ended and the Clinton Foundation began. It was almost like a seamless operation—nowhere on these emails does anyone say ‘Mrs. Clinton is not involved in the foundation. Stop coming to us for favors.’”

These emails are truly scandalous. Here are a few examples:

“Warren Buffet’s son, Howard Buffet Jr., emailed Abedin to ask for a meeting  between his father, a major Clinton donor, and Hillary Clinton to discuss “food security.” Abedin replied “we will take care of this.”

“Miguel Lausell was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and donated $1 million to the Clinton Presidential Library. Lausell asked for Abedin to seek an appointment as ambassador to the Dominican Republic for one of his friends. It is unknown if his friend became ambassador due to redactions in the email.

“Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, also emailed Clinton aids several times, once asking for help with a “green card renewal” and again asking for help for someone involved in a criminal case in the country of Georgia. Clinton’s friend Sidney Blumenthal worked for a political party in Georgia.

This looks terrible for Clinton and definitely suggests criminal and corrupt behavior. Judicial Watch JUST released these emails today- you can read them all here.

We need to spread this FAR and WIDE because we KNOW the mainstream media isn’t even going to bother covering this huge scandal. Share away, patriots!