Melania Trump’s Native Country Sees Tourism Bump

The ascension of Melania Trump to first lady of the United States has proven to be a boon to her native country of Slovenia.

“The Slovenian Statistics Office said Monday that some 1,939,000 tourists visited the Alpine country of 2 million in the first half of this year, a 15 percent increase from the same period last year,” the Associated Press reported Monday.

Additionally, the number of U.S. tourists visiting the Balkan nation, which shares a border with northeast Italy, has risen 15 percent.

Slovenia is known for its beautiful mountains, ski resorts and glacial lakes.

The Slovenian tourism industry has taken advantage of the opportunity provided by Melania Trump’s popularity.

“Welcome to the homeland of the new First Lady of the United States of America!,” one Slovenian tourism website says. Meanwhile, tourism agencies have been organizing “walking on the footsteps of Melania” tours.

Enterprising winemakers in Trump’s home town of Sevnica in eastern Slovenia have crafted a new wine called “First Lady” in honor of its most famous former resident.

The wine was first offered in the popular tourist spot of Sevnica Castle.

The first 300 bottles of the wine sold out in three days, according to the wine industry magazine Decanter.

The first lady has seen her popularity rise from last July, when it stood at 35 percent, to its current level of 51 percent, according to a Fox News poll conducted earlier this month. Her favorability rating is up 14 points since December.

The surge in popularity is based in part on the high marks she has received from her trips overseas with President Donald Trump, which have highlighted not only her fashion sense, but her compassion for children.

Many have compared her fashion tastes to those of former first lady Jackie Kennedy. Trump, like Kennedy, has also won fans overseas and at home, thanks to her ability to speak multiple languages.

Source: Western Journalism

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