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President Trump Just Spent 2 Hours in a Brutally Honest Meeting With His Generals

President Donald Trump has apparently grown increasingly frustrated with the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. So much so that he reportedly had a tense, two-hour meeting with his military generals in which he encouraged the firing of the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Trump has made it clear he doesn’t like to lose, but that’s exactly what he feels like is happening in the Afghanistan war, according to senior administration officials who spoke to NBC News.

“We aren’t winning. We are losing,” Trump reportedly said during the July 19 meeting.

The account of the officials suggests a seemingly engaged commander in chief who demanded answers as to why the Taliban is making gains:

During the meeting, Trump criticized his military advisers seated around the table in the White House Situation Room for what he said was a losing U.S. position in the war, according to the senior administration officials. At one point the president directed his frustration at Mattis, saying Trump had given the military authority months ago to make advances in Afghanistan and yet the U.S. was continuing to lose ground, the officials said.


One official said Trump pointed to maps showing the Taliban gaining ground, and that Mattis responded to the president by saying the U.S. is losing because it doesn’t have the strategy it needs.

During the lengthy meeting, Trump also reportedly complained about America’s NATO allies and asked about the U.S. benefiting from Afghanistan’s mineral wealth.

Source: Conservative Daily

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