In Stunning Announcement, West Virginia Democrat Governor is Switching His Party to Republican

On Thursday, President Donald Trump teased a big announcement to come from West Virginia tonight.

The announcement will take place at a rally in the state on Thursday evening. But it looks like we already know what Trump is going to say.

Jim Justice, West Virginia’s Democratic governor, is leaving his party. His plan, join the Republicans.

The Associated Press tweeted:

Here’s how people are reacting:

Justice is a billionaire who made his fortune in the coal industry. To be clear: He left the Republican Party in 2015 after announcing his run for governor.

When Justice threw his hat into the governor’s race, Democratic leadership praised his decision, via the Huffington Post:

” “The DGA welcomes Jim Justice to the West Virginia governor’s race,” said Elisabeth Pearson, executive director of the DGA. “Jim Justice is a strong candidate with a record of creating jobs for working families and investing in West Virginia communities. We are confident that Democrats will keep the West Virginia governor’s office in 2016.”

Either way, such an announcement is not good news for the Democratic Party, who only have 15 governors to the Republican’s 34. Most West Virginians probably don’t have an issue with his switch, either. In the November election, Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton in the Mountain State.

Source: Conservative Daily

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